Mirell Victoria: Drømme-genseren fra Hackett

Fredrick og jeg la merke til denne genseren med en gang den kom ut. Den er fra den nye racing kolleksjonen til Hackett.
Da vi var i London sist fredag på den nye Hackett flagstore i Regent street måtte vi jo bare kjøpe den. Er den ikke fin : Hackett rowing club

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Mirell Victoria and Fredrick: Fredrick proposed to me on Valentines Day in London <3 <3 <3 <3

Its the most AMAZING day in my life :
On Valentines Day 14 th February 2014 in London Fredrick Berntsen asked ME TO MARRY HIM !
We are enganged! I cant belive it, its like a fairytale, I am the happiest happiest girl in the world <3

My other blog:

As some of you might have seen, I have a norwegian blog that I update a little bit more often:-)

Its right here:


Lots love
Mirell Victoria

Mirell Victoria: Skiing at Hovden 2-5 th January 2014 :-)

A super romantic and magic start to the year when Fredrick and I stayed atHovden in a wonderful cottage going cross country skiing every day<3
Loved it <3

Mirell Victoria: Happy New Year 2014:-) I hope 2014 will be the best year ever for each and one of you :-)

We celebrated a wonderful New Year with good friends here in Arendal :-)

Mirell Victoria: Merry Christmas 2013 <3

I am wishing each and one of you the most wonderful Christmas <3
We celebrated a magic Christmas with the family, this year was so special without grandma and Fredricks dad <3 We went to church to light candles for both of them, miss them so much <3

Mirell Victoria: Lots of greetings from amazing Barcelona December 2013

Mirell Victoria: Elegant preppy style for Christmas 2013

I love this Bik bok dress and blouse, its a bit Jackie O style:-) Do you think I suit it?

Mirell Victoria: Decorating for Christmas with Fredrick

I love Christmas, and the last few days Fredrick and I have turned the house and the garden into a Christmas fairytale:-) Lots of lights, Christmas threes and sparkle, true magic <3

Mirell Victoria: Maritime winter girl :-)

Its been some beautiful winter days, all sunny and clear sky, with a little bit of snow:-) I ve had to exams, and only one more to go next week. We have spent a lot of time with the family, going for beautiful walks, making amazing dinners and spending time with eachother. They say time is a healer, but we miss the two we have lost so much, taking it one day at the time <3

Mirell Victoria : Out in the forest

After all that has happend its like everything is a little out of place these days. We have planned two funerals in one month, its something I never thought could happen.
So spending the day out in the forest with Fredrick, mum and dad was so nice. Fresh and cold, but sunny and so beautiful <3 We talked, laughed and looked for Christmas threes. Coming home we finished the great day with an amazing pre Christmas dinner that mum had prepared. She is so good at cooking <3 Lots of fresh air, rosy cheeks and an amazing meal while listening to Christmas Music :-)

Mirell Victoria : Love my green flares :-)

Its time to take the flares back from the dust:-) They make you look tall and slim, and I love them:-)
Here with a blouse from Lindex, belt from H/M and shoes from Jeffery Cambell

Starting the day with a great smoothie filled with vitamins :-)

I love giving my body a real boost in the morning. And what is better than a smoothie filled with antioxidants and vitamins ?
Its really easy to do and take less than five minutes:-)
Fredrick and I made this one this morning:

1/2 honey melon
2 kiwis
1 orange
100g rasberries
5 ice cubes

Peel all the fruit and mix it in the blender
Add a little at the time
Add the icecubes in the end
Blend it all well
And Voila, a healthy and supertasty smoothie your body will love :-)
Have a beautiful morning :-)

Mirell Victoria: New pajamas from Lindex, perfect for cosy autnum nights :-)

I cant think of anything better than snuggling up in the sofa next to Fredrick, with a warm cup of thea in my PJs.

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This Pyjama is from Lindex; Its silky, soft and perfect for cosy autnum nights :-)

You will always be the star that shines the most strongly, grandma <3

Today everything is so different. Grandmas funeral yesterday was beautiful, but today I feel so empty. I finally start to understand I ll never see her again. And I miss her so much <3
I want to thank each and one of you who was there as a part of her life, and those of you who said good bye to her yesterday <3

I m so happy to have Fredrick so close to me at this time. I cried so much this morning, and its so good to just feel his arms around me <3
We made a really nice breakfast while playing Edith Piaf, Andrea Bochelli and Sara Brightman on the stereo, the sun shining, and everything felt a little bit better <3 Again, I would like to thank each and one of you who has been there for us in this difficult time <3

Inspiration: English Countryside style

I hope you are all wonderful <3
I m out shopping for new items, and my inspiration is English Countryside style.
I ll show you what we have got when we are back:-)
Thinking squares, patherns, earth colours, strong sporty colours and clean cuts....
#fashion #outfit #tips

Mirell Victoria :Outfit: Gardentime in red, blue and white:-)

Its time to do the last preperations in the garden before winter. Its below freezing at nighttime so we have cleared most of the flowers. Today I ll be going out in the forest with my family to look for Christmasthrees that we will have outside in the garden :-) So exaited:-)
Lots of hugs

How to get the look : Find a pair of tight trousers that you like, add a shirt in a contrast colour, and then put a vest over in a colour that matches. A big belt in the same colour as your boots/ shoes will frame the outfit: Sporty and fresh :-)

Here I ve used : Trousers: Vero Moda, Shirt: Zara, Boots Ralph Lauren
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Her er noen av antrekkene fra september. Inspirasjonen er countrystyle og preppy. Noen antrekk dere likte?

Todays outfit: Kopier Gossip Girl stilen

Er det en serie som har gjennomført stil er det Gossip Girl! Elsker klærne og stilen der. Derfor har vi valgt å kle Fredrick likt Chuck Bass i dag. Hva synes dere?
Synes bildene ble sååå bra:-)

Blazer: He by Mango, Bukse:H/M, Skjorte: He by Mango, Sløyfe og sko: Zara

Antrekk med farger: gult og rødt

Gult, rødt, skotskeruter, en spennende hatt, høye hæler og du blir fort lagt merke til. Kanskje ikke et hverdags antrekk, men garantert en som blir lagt merke til og knipset bilder av, noen ganger må man se nyskapende og kreativ ut mens man leker med designerenes trender.
Dont like it or like?

Gul topp: Floyd, Bukser:Vero Moda, Belte: H/M, Veske:Vero Moda

Todays style: Black and white

Thank you, each and one of you for all the warming words for my grandmother. You are so incredible kind <3 I read her all the messages from you today. Maybe all your prayers worked as today she managed to drink water on her own, and even had a little bit of youghurt, I was so happy <3
Every day, step by step staying in the moment <3

Dinnertip : Delisious fresh homemade pesto with wholemel pasta

I love pasta, I am absolutely no low carb person, and I guess I m a living proof that the right carbs wont make you gain weight:-)

Yesterday Fredrick and I made this super easy done it 20 minutes homemade pesto pasta, its so fresh and yummy:-). Have to share itwith you:

Serves two hungry people :
A fresh basil plant
A fresh parsley plant
150 g ruccola
40 g Pine nuts
75 ml olive oil
40 g parmesan cheese
Salt, pepper
500 g wholemeal pasta

Cut the garlic in small pieces, add the basil leafs, parsley and ruccola all into a blender together with all the oil. Blend it until its all smooth. Then add the pine nuts and parmesan. Blend it for a few seconds, and let it rest in the fridge for a little while.
Boil the pasta al dente, and pour the water out when done. Add the pesto and stir it in together with the pasta, add salt and pepper as you prefer.
A little bit of parmesan on the top with some basil and maybe a few cashew nuts or pine nuts:-)
Bon apetito:-)

Today I have cried

The six last weeks have been a roller coaster.

More or less every day has been spent with grandma who is very very ill. It started with her breaking her hip six weeks ago. Since then we have been running between the hospital, the rehab center and then back to the hospital.

Since Sunday she cant eat, can hardly speak or sit up.

Every day for these six last weeks we have been trying to feed her, I have cleaned her dentures as the nurses had not done so, and she was in pain, and when I took them out they where filled with old food and denture glue,
they overdozed her on valium, giving her twice of what is recommanded as the highest doze for elderly and weak people.

When she was able to use the bathroom I ve been with her, helping her because again she would call the nurses but they woulnt come, sometimes she waited half an hour before they would help her to the bathroom. I ve cried, watching her get weaker and weaker.

Finally we managed to get her off the medication they wrongly gave her. That helped.
Sunday my mum insisted they moved her from rehab to the hospital, and they found that she had two clots, one in each lunge.

Yesterday I was there almost all day, and she opened up her eyes and whispered
" promise me to remember all the things I have tought you, and always be a good girl."
Then she continued, " I feel like its going the other way now, I cant fight this much longer".

Its so hard to not be able to do anything, she is the person who has always been there for me.

I grew up spending a lot of my childhood and teens living with her, as my stepdad made it pretty clear he did not want a step daughter.

My real dad, I have not seen him for many years or heard from him, even though he only lives ten minutes away.

Grandma, She was always there, and I felt so safe in her place. We went every where together, I would go with her to her work, we went to the parks, she would come with me to go horseriding, cook food for me, and we always walked as she never learnt how to drive.

We walked so many places. She loved to sing all these funny songs she had learnt during the war, and would teach them to me as we walked, and she always dressed me up and took pictures of me.
I guess she was my safe heaven, and I ve always said she is my best friend.

I m so blessed, today I have the best mum, a new wonderful stepdad, my amazing family, Fredrick, a life few could ever dream of, and with grandma living with my mum and stepdad for the last three years, we have been so close as few.

So even though she is 90 years old now, its so hard to watch her getting weaker and weaker, I love her so much. At the same time I m so grateful for having spent so much time together, its always been us <3

She is still here, and we all try our best to keep everything going. Trying my best to smile, keep studying for my exam, working out, writing my blog, and being there here for eachother and her. I guess that is the best thing to do <3
..however I am not someone who gives up, its incredible what you can do with will, and I ve told her to hold on, and fight, because neither of us are quitters... So we ll hold on as long as we can <3

This picture is from this Saturday, she managed to sit up then....

Mirell Victoria: Hvordan kle rødt?

Jeg har alltid tenkt at rødt er en farge jeg ikke kler. Faktisk kjøpte jeg mitt første røde plagg da jeg var i Milano i desember. Men nå, har jeg oppdatert garderoben ennå mer. Denne røde jakken fra Mango er jeg blitt så glad i :-)
Føler meg liksom litt freshere med en knallfarge uansett hvor trøtt jeg er.
Hadde på meg dette i dag; Jakke: Mango, Bukse:Mango, Sko:Mango, Veske: Mango

Noen tips:
Begynn med en liten rød detalj
F.eks en rød leppestift, et rødt skjerf, rød neglelakk

En rød bukse kan du lett dysse ned med en ensfarget genser eller skjorte

En rød veske, lover at du føler deg knall og får selvtillit

Prøv gjerne en litt mørkere rødnyanse første gang du skal ha en rød topp

Lykke til:-)

Todays superyammy proteinrich dinneridea: Red thai curry with wholemeal nudles

This dish is soooo tasty and good for you :-) Fredrick and I created it yesterday. We where starving after running for two hours, and wanted something healthy, filling, proteinrich and delisious. Here s the receipe :(serves two hungry atlets:-)

Ginger: 5 cm
Garlic: I prefer almost half a garlic
1,5 red chilli
Green fresh or frozen beans: 100 g
1 red pepper
1green pepper
1/2 pinapple
15 cherry tomatoes
8 dl Coconut milk (light)
1 lime
100 g cashewnuts
4 Tbs red curry paste
4tbs soy sauce
4 Kefir leafs
Wholemeal eggnudles
Spices as you prefer that goes with the thai taste

Put a bit of oil in your wok and fry ginger, garlic and chilli.
Add the rest of the vegetables and wok them until crispy
Add red curry paste and stir
Add coconut milk, soy sauce and limejuice
Let it all come to a boil while you stir well, add koriander, cashewnuts and spices
Boil the nudles, and mix them in with the currysauce. Let it all gently cook until all the flavors are mixed.

Enjoy:-) The eggnudles contains 15 grams of protein pr 100 g, making it perfect fuel:-)

Mirell Victoria: Todays outfit: African sunset girl: copy the catwalk look from Ralph Lauren

Preppy is all over the catwalks for her and him. Preppy is a classy and sporty dandy style, welldressed but comfortable and functional. Here you see my new favorite blouse from H/M, riding pants from Zara, belt from Gina Tricot, boots
from Ralph Lauren and Hat from Jasper Conran.

#antrekk #outfit #høst #trend #tips

Jacket from Gina Tricot, blouse from H/M, riding pants from Zara, belt from Gina Tricot, boots
from Ralph Lauren and Hat from Jasper Conran.

Klart DU også kan få drømmekroppen!

Fredrick og jeg har hatt en fantastisk to timer lang løpetur i skogen ved Skagerrak løypa. Puuuh, kjente at vi hadde trent intervaller i går, men utrolig hvor motivert man blir av sol, høstfarger og verdens beste kjæreste. Ble naturlige intervaller, var noen ordentlige kneiker inne i mellom, men så herlig å kjenne kroppen jobbe!
1200 kalorier brent, og ordentlig god følelse:-) Så nå har vi kost oss med en kjempe god rød thai curry med fullkornsnudler, den ble så god at jeg må legge ut oppskrift til dere:-)
Hvordan har tirsdagen deres vært?
Kjempe klem fra oss

#trening #helse #tips

Et lite tips til hvordan du lett planlegger middag for hele uken :-)

Det er ingen hemmelighet at både Fredrick og jeg, elsker å kose oss med å lage god mat :-) Det er ikke alltid like lett å finne på hva man skal lage, og hva man skal ha hele uken :-)
Derfor tar vi bilder av gode oppskrifter vi kommer over, og setter de sammen,slik som dette: På den måten er det kjempe lett å handle inn og få masse inspirasjon :-)

En herlig morgen i Arendal

God morgen dere fantastiske mennesker <3 Her i Arendal skinner solen, og det er en så fin morgen. Fredrick er på skolen, og jeg har holdt på ute i hagen. Jeg elsker å være i hagen vår. Stelle med blomstene, vanne, mate svanene og endene, drikke kaffe og nyte å se utover vannet. Det gir meg en så utrolig bra start på dagen :-)

Nå blir det en god smoothie og litt frukt på meg før jeg hiver meg over litt mer juss, før turen går til sykehuset hos mormor. Vi har planlagt en lang seilig løpetur i skogen i ettermiddag, merker at jeg allerede gleder meg:-)
Håper dere har en like nydelig morgen. Stor klem

Todays outfit:How to look hot in tight jeans and a shirt

Noen ganger fungerer det enkleste best!
Jeg har sittet med jussoppgaven siden kl 7:30 i dag, vært hos mormor på sykehuset og nå skal vi skyndte oss på trening. Da er det deilig å bare kaste på seg et par jeans, en skjorte, et fargerikt belte som blikkfang, høye hæler og løst hår:-) Synes det fungerer kjempe bra, hva synes dere?

Jeans: Mango, Skjorte:Zara, Belte:H/M, Sko:Bianco

#antrekk #outfit #mote #tips #høst

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